Wing shooting

Bird hunting across South Africa

Nicolas and Matthew Berry head up the wingshooting part at Boavida spending much of the year surveying grounds to count and monitor birds, and then planning shoots around those scouting sessions.

We offer Eastern Cape Grey-winged Francolin shoots – the champagne of South African gamebirds. Here you will do a rough style shoot over pointing dogs in the mountains of the Eastern Cape, targeting the elusive grey-wing. Targeting grey winged francolin is a challenge for even the most seasoned game bird hunter, but one that should be right up on anyone’s bucket-list of shoots.

We also offer a number of mixed bag shoots in the North West and Limpopo provinces. Our mixed bag shoots normally consist of francolin, spurfowl, guineafowl, and waterfowl. We do also offer specialised waterfowl shoots.

Each shoot done with Boavida Gundogs and Wingshooting is tailor made to suit your desired species list and budget. We offer a number of accommodation choices, ranging from rustic farm lodges, all the way through to 5-star luxury shoots.