Peace of mind while you are away

Our boarding kennels are conveniently located close to both Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our boarding kennels feature large open spaces, including garden runs for 45 of our boarding kennels. At Boavida your dog will have more than just a place to stay. Your dog will be under the constant watchful eye of our experienced staff as well as our dog trainers, and will receive daily walks, as well as time in the communal areas with dogs that they get along with well.

Our kennels are available year round for long term boarding, short term boards, as well as school and holiday boarding. We have special rates for longer term boarding dogs.

Please ensure your dogs vaccinations are up to date when joining us, and bring their food, bed and blankets with, this will ensure they feel at home. We will take them for daily walks, and they will have time in the communal run to play with the other dogs that they get along with. Our kennel staff have experience in dog training and behaviour, so will always keep a close eye out to ensure your dog interacts with others they get along with well.

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