Blood tracking

Helping you become a better hunting team

We offer Tracking courses for specialised tracking breeds such as hounds  as well as the versatile breeds such as Drahthaars, Weimaraners and German Shorthair Pointers as a stand-alone course or as an add on to their repertoire of skills. We  follow the principles of the European Blood Tracking training programs with the dog operating on a harness and leash. In our courses the dogs are  trained to follow spoor at a basic level and you take the dog further giving it the necessary skills and experience to follow spoor in any circumstances.

The course is 3 months long and includes basic obedience, manners in the field ,and tracking training.

It is important to choose the right breed of dog when searching out a partner for this task. You are welcome to contact us and we will help you pick a breed that is right for you. Remember, each individual has different needs; an outfitter whose dog can stay in a kennel and may run numerous tracks in a day would require a different dog to a leisure hunter who may do a trip or two a year.